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Technology for Aging

2024 Market Overview

Laurie M. Orlov

Principal Analyst, Aging and Health Technology Watch


What’s new in this version of the report? Most everything. Every line in this Market Overview has been reviewed and updated to reflect the latest available links, trends,

demographic data about older adults, policy changes, new products, as well as inclusion of available data about what tech they own and/or prefer.

AI is and will be everywhere – in full view and embedded in devices and software. From the launch of ChatGPT in 2022, throughout 2023 the software industry was full of announcements, all AI, all the time. CES 2024 also offered AI everywhere and in nearly every announcement. In 2024, AI will likely be everywhere and all around, from tech where it is embedded to AI-centric devices and services, including the emergence of AI in professional care work, back office senior care, and the home-based support of older adults. And Parks Associates reports an average

But new tech continues to confound. AARP’s latest survey of the 50+ confirms that half of the responders are not totally happy with the tech that they own. Only half say that old and new tech work together consistently. Caregivers are still not well-served by technology. And the majority of adults aged 70+ do not feel technology was designed with them in mind.

Moving onward, here’s to 2024 – with innovation, learning and growth for all!

Laurie M. Orlov

January 2024

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Laurie Orlov - Market Overview 2024
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