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Enhancing Chief Digital Officer Support: The Benefits of Care Daily's Virtual Caregiver in Healthcare

Updated: 2 days ago

Care Daily has an ongoing commitment to home health care providers with tools that enable them to prioritize remote patients on a daily basis, That's why we developed Arti, a Virtual Caregiver, that is designed to prioritize the well-being of senior residents like never before for Chief Digital Officers (CDO) in healthcare. Arti works in homes to predict and uncover hidden health problems behind closed doors.

Arti empowers the CDO role by assisting in bridging the gap between clinical operations and cutting-edge technology, ensuring that the healthcare system leverages digital solutions to benefit both patients and stakeholders. Care Daily, understands CDO's challenges to seamlessly integrate smart home devices into the service line providing healthcare professionals with the tools they need to remotely monitor and manage patient care.

By linking Arti, a HIPAA-compliant Virtual Caregiver, with the healthcare system's objectives, they create a win-win situation where patients receive personalized, high-quality care from the comfort of their homes, while the organization achieves operational efficiency and improved patient outcomes.

At the heart of Care Daily provides an innovative platform for healthcare professionals to seamlessly connect and manage a multitude of smart home devices, ensuring our patients receive the care and attention they deserve, even from a distance.

Here's what sets Arti apart:

  1. Seamless Device Integration: Compatible with a wide range of smart home brands, Arti allows healthcare professionals to monitor and control existing devices effortlessly. From Vayyar Care to Smart TVs, and even wearable tech like Apple Watch and Oura Ring, we've got you covered.

  2. Centralized Control: Say goodbye to juggling multiple apps. With Arti, healthcare professionals can manage all monitoring devices from one convenient platform, streamlining the caregiving process like never before.

  3. Intelligent Automation: Arti goes beyond simple monitoring—it actively identifies routines based on time and device status, providing personalized care tailored to each patient's unique needs.

  4. Enhanced Communication: Share control with other users, receive prioritized notifications about patient and device status, and interact with devices seamlessly—all through one intuitive web app.

  5. Predictive Analytics: By leveraging advanced analytics, Arti can identify potential health issues before they escalate, potentially reducing hospital admissions and improving patient well-being.

But perhaps most importantly, Arti isn't just another tech tool—it's a scientifically validated solution backed by research with the National Institute on Aging. Not only does it enhance patient care, but it also alleviates anxiety and improves sleep quality, providing much-needed respite for families seeking peace of mind.

With Care Daily, we're not just revolutionizing remote patient care—we're redefining it. Join us in embracing the future of healthcare, one patient at a time.

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