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We're giving back to AgeTech and HealthTech device companies
Apply now to connect devices to our open AI and IoT platform free

Medical & Non-Medical Device Manufacturers

Use a HIPAA-compliant open AI platform to connect your devices free

Preferred connectivity style?
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Building a massively scalable and HIPAA-compliant platform is extremely difficult and takes years. Device manufacturers should leverage an existing AI and IoT platform to accelerate their product development, form ecosystems with complementary products, and produce more compelling value propositions.

Today, Care Daily is giving back to the HealthTech and AgeTech communities by opening our HIPAA-compliant Internet of Things cloud services to medical and non-medical device manufacturers. We all need to come together to help everyone live better lives, sooner.


Our open AI platform already connects over 200 devices and data sources. Why not yours?


Best of all? Free usage up to 10 million time-series data points per month.

Selected companies will receive: 

  • Up to 10 million time-series data points per month 

  • Access to hundreds of APIs to power apps and services 

  • Hundreds of ready-made APIs

  • Unlimited users 

  • Unlimited locations 

  • Unlimited device types 

  • Unlimited device instances 

  • Unlimited push notifications 

  • “Care Daily Certified” status after integration and testing 

  • Exposure to Care Daily’s branded distribution channels who can help you scale – including large healthcare companies and home / senior community service providers

We can help you with optional paid add-ons: 

  • Add new features and intelligence to your devices with AI Bots that run 24/7 in the cloud 

  • Emergency call center featuring your brand 

  • Bi-directional SMS text messaging and conversational UI’s 

  • Forming ecosystems with other device manufacturers to deliver a more compelling value proposition

  • Streaming data and insights to other clouds or EHR platforms 

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