Meet Cody the AI Virtual Assistant.

Teach it new tricks and give it a new name.

Every solution provider will need a more distributed, more intelligent, more autonomous computing fabric. One they can use to rapidly build, manage, and deploy real-world services that feel and act human, under their brand. 

Cody helps do just that. By sensing and learning about the physical world through an ever-expanding list of connected products, Cody establishes baselines and knows when lifestyle patterns break unexpectedly. What’s more, Cody helps organize families and teams of professionals to collaborate and care daily for what matters most. And Cody never sleeps, so you can. In fact, out of Cody is the first non-drug intervention scientifically published to protect sleep quality and significantly reduce anxiety in family caregivers!

Cody is built on the world’s most intelligent and patented AI+IoT Platform for people and physical spaces. Your team can start with Cody, teach it new tricks, and give it a new name. The Care Daily AI+IoT Platform has been independently selected, vetted, and commercially launched by the largest brand name solutions providers in the world.

Care Daily for

Care Daily is the only brandable AI+IoT Platform that provides hero solution providers with their own app store of AI Assistants to care daily for people, places, and things.


As an AI Caregiver, Cody predicts and uncovers hidden health problems behind closed doors.

Real Estate

As an AI Property Manager, Cody engages tenants and increases property value with all-in-one intelligent services.


As an AI Energy Assistant, Cody automatically saves energy and learns power patterns for ambient care services.


As an AI Security Guard, Cody automatically protects homes with a senior-friendly security service.

Medical Devices

Cody easily connects the latest hero devices to care daily for people, places, and things.


As an AI Insurance Agent, Cody detects leaks and predicts environmental hazards.

Cody has already learned how to perform hundreds of jobs all-in-one.

Cody can do so many jobs because it's 16x faster for Cody to learn new responsibilities than with traditional methods. To maximize value for homes and senior communities requires an AI that can provide all-in-one services while bringing people together.

Check out all the jobs Cody has already learned to unite and deliver under your brand

Cody supercharges your existing cloud.

The Care Daily AI+IoT Platform can operate either standalone or as an add-on to your existing platform. This integration helps your cloud gain an understanding of the physical world and deliver services for people, places, and things. Stream insights in real-time into your platform. Integrate single sign-on to immediately access hundreds of open platform APIs. Invent and deploy your own Synthetic APIs to offer your own differentiated capabilities.

This platform is HIPAA-compliant, GDPR-compliant, and CCPA-compliant, has achieved 99.999% reliability, and has undergone multiple security audits by top-tier brands across 4 continents. Yet another reason why this AI+IoT Platform is depended upon to power the world’s most iconic brands - including yours.

You can expand Cody’s senses.

Cody is built on the Care Daily AI+IoT Platform, designed to connect anything – sensors, devices, online data sources, other AI platforms – you name it. With the Care Daily AI+IoT Platform, you’re never locked into using a single product, a single manufacturer, or a point solution.

Device manufacturers use this HIPAA-compliant platform to cloud-enable their products with an intelligence they can control, adding new features and capabilities to their devices. The AI+IoT Platform has already captured over 4.8 Trillion time-series data points from devices.

Optional cellular, battery backup, and edge computing enable homes and communities to maintain connectivity and services – even when the internet and power goes down.

Senior care solutions providers and communities benefit from a flexible ecosystem of today’s newest hero products to lay the foundation for a truly future-proof strategy. Partners can specify what they want connected and are never locked into any single manufacturer or point-solution.

You can teach Cody new tricks.

Cody’s brain – the Care Daily AI+IoT Platform – is an app store for physical spaces. That means in the same way that a mobile app developer can add a new app to your phone, Care Daily developers can invent and sell new AI services for homes and families. Even better - each home, community, or connected device can feature different AI services and personalities that express and differentiate your brand.

Today, everyone from commercial partners to academic researchers are building new AI services in the Care Daily platform.

And – check this out – you can even build your own subscription-activated Synthetic APIs to deliver your own differentiated mobile- and voice-enabled user experiences to fulfill the vision you have for your user experiences.

Cody talks and asks questions.

Cody has multiple ways to communicate and bring people together to collaborate.

Cody communicates bi-directionally with people over SMS, MMS, push notifications, email, smart speakers, phone calls, in-app messaging, and can even invoke a UL-listed emergency call center during emergencies.

When a problem happens, Cody follows action plans your brand can control. In a single-family home, Cody will usually try to contact people in the home before reaching out to family, friends, and neighbors outside of the home. If nobody responds, Cody can request assistance from professionals or the emergency call center and can even control whether to dispatch police, fire, or ambulance emergency services. Thanks, Cody!

Cody can identify problems before users notice and integrates with ZenDesk to proactively notify the customer support team to reach out.

Cody can learn new human languages.

Cody delivers user experiences in multiple languages. With the help of a translator, Cody is ready to serve customers in your geography while adhering to data privacy laws through local deployments.

Give your virtual assistant a new name.

The value of your brand should never be underestimated, or its ability to please consumers. Helping people live more safely and confidently in their homes can transform any brand to hero status – almost overnight. Why not yours?

Care Daily can help by bringing value, differentiation, and recurring revenues to your brand with advanced white-label consumer services. That’s our business. Everything here is customizable to deliver personalized services under your brand.

We named our AI Virtual Assistant ‘Cody’. You can name yours whatever you like.

About Care Daily

We changed our name. People Power is now Care Daily. We've evolved our name and our brand to better represent the deep care we have for our customers and their users. Every day.

We are a Silicon Valley software company with the first scientifically validated at-home AI Caregiver service. Our patented technology detects falls in real-time, uncovers hidden health problems, and brings families and professional caregivers together provide care more efficiently across today’s exploding population of seniors.

Service providers choose us because we're the only company providing an app store for physical spaces. That means partners can achieve massive differentiation by inventing, deploying, and managing their own unique AI services for subscribers.

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David Moss

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