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Merge hands-on care with high-tech care.

Detect and prevent falls with no buttons or cameras required. Automatically extract Activities of Daily Living and hidden health trends. Care Daily Insights is like a caregiver on your team that never sleeps.

Vayyar Home

For apartment-style living, Vayyar Home delivers real-time fall detection and lifestyle activity trends from behind closed doors with no buttons, wearables, or cameras required.

More Trends & Insights

For very large apartments or homes, inexpensive activity sensors fill blind spots, deliver a fall safety net, expose additional lifestyle insights, and add fall prevention capabilities.


Outside of the home, Care Daily Insights integrates with Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch to capture SOS and fall detection alerts on-the-go.

Fall prediction, detection, and prevention.

Care Daily Insights combines in-home sensors and artificial intelligence to continuously predict and detect falls while exposing hidden health problems.

Unlike other ambient fall detection solutions that are constrained to a single room or require invasive cameras and buttons, Care Daily Insights is the only comprehensive AI caregiver scientifically proven to deliver insights for apartment-style living while maintaining seniors’ privacy.

Automatic Activities of Daily Living

Care Daily Insights is like a caregiver that never sleeps. It provides a 360° view of the living space and fills major blind spots in care - without requiring cameras.

In addition to delivering alerts to your community or business, Care Daily Insights can be optionally configured to include family and friends in the Trusted Circle, and can escalate critical issues to a UL-listed Emergency Call Center.

Occupancy detection and social activity trends

Bathroom visits, flushes, showers, overflows

Sleep scores and trends

Mobility trends and alerts

Medication access and reminders

Care Daily Insights helps optimize staff utilization by prioritizing which residents or clients need the most attention from your team today. 

Intelligently manage your community.

​Caregiving businesses can quickly manage alerts and know where to provide proactive care. Gaining situational awareness behind closed doors means your business can hire new staff members at a slower rate while providing higher quality 24/7 care for everyone.

View all the homes or apartments under your care in a single dashboard, prioritized by human attention needed.

​Communities can optimize staff to perform 'smart rounds' by focusing only on the residents who are out-of-bed at night.

Comforting for families.

Integrators can build their own apps, intelligence, dashboards, and experiences on our platform through Open APIs. Can we tell you more? Contact us.

With the optional People Power Family mobile app, you have the option to give families the ability to check-in at anytime, view the Daily Reports, and get alerted to play an active role if something goes wrong. 

What's more, a new person from the family's Trusted Circle is selected each day to reach out to their loved one with a phone call or a picture to share, distributing the stress and guilt of caregiving across multiple people.

Certified partners offer serious benefits that go above and beyond People Power’s standard offerings. 

Whether you need flexible financing options, professional installations, white-glove treatment, integrations, or other value added services, our partners are here to help your business thrive.

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