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Uncovering Secrets - Healthcare Industry Technology Advancements Revealed by Care Daily's Co-founder and CEO

By linking IT corporations' business models with the healthcare system's objectives, Care Daily creates a win-win situation. Patients receive personalized, high-quality care from the comfort of their homes, while organizations achieve operational efficiency and improved patient outcomes. In a recent interview on a U.S. national radio show and podcast with Ric Edelman, David Moss, Co-founder and CEO of Care Daily, shared his advice with the healthcare industry on advancements of technology in the space.

“My advice would be to embrace collaboration and open innovation,” said David Moss during a recent interview on Ric Edelman’s podcast, The Truth About Your Future.


“Open innovation accelerates the pace of change,” continued Moss during the podcast interview. “What we have is an open AI platform, and it's already helping bring companies together in this space. The healthcare industry is very complex. There are many stakeholders involved, including patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, insurers, technologists, and regulators. Each one of them brings a unique perspective and expertise.”

“And they are not known for collaborating. Let's face it. They guard their IP very carefully, and they're not known for collaborating,” said Ric. Every weekday, Ric provides his audience with information about the five personal finance topics that matter most today: longevity, retirement security, exponential technologies, digital assets, and health & wellness.


The technology of care software for remote patients is driving significant advancements. A prime example of this innovation is Care Daily, a groundbreaking platform designed to prioritize the well-being of senior residents like never before.


Moss responded, “The challenges faced by the industry, including aging populations, rising healthcare costs, and healthcare accessibility, are just too big for any one entity to solve alone. What we need to do is come together, and that's what we're helping to do at Care Daily. We bring all the players together. So my advice to the industry is to break down the silos, foster a culture of collaboration and sharing, and leverage our collective intelligence to meet the healthcare challenges of this next century.”

Listen to the entire podcast here.

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