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Senior Care Made Easy: TV-Based Solutions by the Care Daily Alliance

The television can now help ask seniors the doctor's questions about how they are feeling today. Care Daily Alliance takes a big step towards improving the reach of home-based senior care organizations by leveraging TV-based communication technology.

In a significant stride toward enhancing remote senior care, ONSCREEN, Inc., and Care Daily have announced the launch of their integrated caregiving solution. This partnership aims to empower seniors and their families through advanced post-acute and longitudinal care capabilities, seamlessly delivered via television.


"ONSCREEN’s integration into the Care Daily Alliance redefines patient engagement,” said David Moss, Cofounder and CEO of Care Daily. “Ensuring elder patients receive necessary care and maintain family connections from the comfort of their homes."


Key Features of the Integration:
  1. Prioritize: Remote care is streamlined, ensuring seniors receive the right support when needed.

  2. Predict: ONSCREEN’s AI companion, Joy, conducts automated health assessments to identify potential issues early.

  3. Prevent: Seniors receive timely alerts and reminders directly on their TV, promoting proactive health management.

  4. Participate: Daily prompts encourage family members to connect through video chat, fostering social engagement.


By combining Care Daily’s robust AI platform with ONSCREEN’s TV-based technology, seniors benefit from interactive health assessments and natural voice conversations with Joy. This data feeds into Care Daily's Wellness Score, enabling healthcare providers to prioritize interventions and deliver timely care.


Costin Tuculescu, CEO of ONSCREEN, highlighted, "This collaboration combines our TV-based senior care platform with Care Daily’s AI capabilities, improving care quality and ensuring seniors stay connected and supported at home."

Care Daily Alliance is an AI-driven health technology collaboration that aims to transform home healthcare.

For high-frailty and high-acuity patients, the TV serves as a vital communication tool, ensuring critical notifications and health reminders are never missed. The integration also enhances family engagement, with daily prompts for different family members to check in via video calls, thus promoting continuous social interaction.


For healthcare organizations, this partnership represents a significant advancement in remote senior care, offering a scalable, intelligent solution that enhances patient outcomes and operational efficiency.

Learn more about device integration with the Care Daily Alliance

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