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Prioritizing Patient Care: Care Daily Enhances EHR Systems

Care Daily introduces an innovative AI platform designed to enhance patient care within Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. Integrated with various sensing products, AI Caregivers autonomously analyze data, providing crucial insights and alerts to prevent emergencies like falls or incontinence. This technology reduces the workload for nurses while ensuring timely responses to patient needs.


With AI Caregiver Assistants, healthcare professionals can prioritize their remote patients daily. Turnkey device onboarding helps Medical Technologists easily connect and control their remote patients' existing smart home devices through Care Daily, a platform compatible with potentially hundreds of smart home brands available in the market today and in the foreseeable future. Also, with Care Daily, they can monitor and control multiple professional monitoring devices from one app, including Vayyar Care, EchoCare, Smart TVs, ambient room sensors, Withings Sleep Tracking Mat, and wearable brands like Apple Watch and Oura Ring.


Key features include the ability to check on home status remotely, engage specialty services to automate device interactions, autonomously identify routines based on time and device status, share control with other users, receive prioritized notifications about patient status and device status, and interact with devices using one web app.


At its core, Care Daily offers a mature, HIPAA-compliant AI caregiving platform that combines proven sensing technologies with human-like understanding. Through seamless integration with nurse call systems, nurses benefit from a unified, simplified interface, maintaining full control over patient data to uphold privacy regulations.


AI Caregivers enable nurses to focus on high-touch care by remotely monitoring patients and creating detailed digital profiles. Real-time insights facilitate efficient resource allocation and prompt emergency responses, prioritizing care based on real-time needs through a Wellness Score.


Care Daily's predictive analytics capabilities identify health issues before they escalate, potentially reducing hospital admissions and enhancing patient well-being. Supported by research with the National Institute on Aging, the platform is scientifically validated to alleviate anxiety and improve sleep quality, making it invaluable for families seeking respite care.

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