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Future of Care: Breakthroughs Involving Point Solutions Unveiled by Care Daily CEO at Longevity Summit

Now in its 21st year, the What’s Next Longevity Venture Summit continues its mission to bring together top industry entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders, analysts, media, and innovators, all aimed at advancing businesses and expanding networks of experts in the longevity economy. David Moss, Cofounder and CEO of Care Daily was among the leaders at the summit and had the opportunity to explain that the future of care from AI caregivers is bright with Care Daily which utilizes the strength of large action models from point solutions.

The 2024 What’s Next Longevity Venture Summit was hosted at the Fairmont in San Francisco

Moss said that by inputting vast amounts of data, these models learn to interact effectively with the physical world. "One of the greatest breakthroughs here is the unification of all of these point solutions into a holistic offer for homes and for communities," said Moss.

Many innovative companies are contributing to this progress, particularly those involved in the AARP AgeTech Collaborative. Care Daily is at the forefront of this movement, fostering interoperability through the Care Daily Alliance explained Moss. This initiative connects various companies, enabling them to access a large action model that enhances the intelligence of their products.

Additionally, these companies can collaborate and bring compatible solutions to the market, he said, creating a comprehensive ecosystem of caregiving technologies. An AI caregiver can sense and control the physical world, providing 24/7 monitoring and understanding of individuals' well-being. This continuous oversight helps reduce costs, lower risks, and ensure care is provided even between regular check-ins and alerts.

"One of the surprising things is that the body of this AI caregiver, " Moss said, "is actually in your own home today. Take a look around at the TVs, the set-top boxes, the Wi-Fi routers, the security systems, and appliances and more that are already in your living space. These will become an extension of the body of an AI caregiver that you will opt into, but it will take care of our aging population."

Moss asserted that ultimately, the success of AI caregiving relies on collaboration. Bringing together companies with diverse expertise and solutions is crucial to meeting the challenges of the next century. By working together, these organizations can create a robust, intelligent caregiving system that benefits everyone.

"Altogether, we need to come together with all of these great companies to meet the challenges of this next century," concluded Moss.

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