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Leave the stressful parts to us

Even the best traditional monitoring technologies produce only a fragmented view of the person we're caring for, increasing risks and costs while leaving patients vulnerable.

True wellness comprehension isn't confined to Remote Patient Monitoring devices or sporadic daily measurements. It's a harmonious symphony of ambient sensors in homes, capturing lifestyle patterns round the clock. This unseen network becomes our ally, predicting potential health threats and generating an all-encompassing 360° Wellness Score for each individual.

Let Care Daily do the heavy lifting to help draw an all-inclusive health portrait. Let's transition from reactive to proactive healthcare, always one step ahead.

Give everyone the care experience that you want

Conventional in-home health monitoring and interventions are at their breaking point. Care Daily is the solution.

Bring together a wide range of devices

AI caregiver software reduces the burden on human caregivers

What we do

Why Care Daily?

10+ years experience

No company has done this at scale as long as we have domestically or internationally with billions of data points captured

Unmatched Expertise

Our AI Caregivers work around the clock so human caregivers and clinicians don't have to

Branded Experiences

Easy peasy UI. Our interfaces are simple and easy-to-use, and delivered under your brand

“What makes the Care Daily system unique instead of just saying yes or no or on or off, there is a background intelligence system that is working that learns the normal pattern in every home.

Then, if something happens that is atypical like a door opening at 11:00pm at night, the system would notice this unusual activity and would alert the caregiver and family members to check on the person for whom they are caring.”

Robert Levenson, Ph.D.

Director of the Psychophysiology Dept.

UC Berkeley

“The motion alerts were great because I would know of my mother's whereabouts and what she was up to. It gave me incredible peace of mind to know that she was safe and it was a relief for me to know this without having to always look for her.

Linda M.



The system helped take the stress out caring for my mom by having knowledge of her movements at my fingertips.”

What our clients say

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Predict & Detect Anomalies

AI-enhanced care continuously monitors wearables and smart home devices in addition to identifying blind spots where things may be missed

Capture & Understand Insights

Advanced sleep and mobility scores detect hidden health problems while bathroom trends help identify challenges that need to be proactively addressed

Intervene before problems occur

Trusted circles create social connection to minimize loneliness while linking families and professionals to deliver timely interventions

How we help

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